Information Security Management   _______________

• Outcome of the public and private concerns on information security, information security management concept is applied the most advanced safety management at organizational level. Information Security Management makes the subject ISO 27000 family of standards, an evolving family treating various aspects of this area, the inventory values ​to be protected from risk analysis and treatment, the choice of means to mitigate risks and to implementing recommendations Security measures in general or for certain types of organizations. The main element of this family of standards is the SR / ISO 27001 certification specification.

• The SR / ISO 27002 standard, Information technology-Security techniques - Code of practice for information security management, presents recommendations for information risk reduction for eleven main categories of security:

a) Security policy;
b) Information security systematisation;
c) Resource Management;
d) Safety of human resources;
e) Physical security and working environment;
f) Communications and operations management;
g) Access Control
h) Acquisition, development and maintenance of computer systems
i) Information Security Incident Management
j) Business Continuity Management
k) Compliance.